Synapse’s pledge

To address one of the most important issues in the health system

Our Story

Synapse Medicine is the intersection between medical pharmacology and research on artificial intelligence.
Its three founders are: Dr. Clément Goehrs, physician and bioinformatician; Dr. Louis Létinier, physician and pharmacologist; and Bruno Thiao-Layel, research engineer.

They have identified a major problem in global health outcomes related to inappropriate medication use during their medical activities.
In the United States alone:


older adults (aged 65 and older) are hospitalized every day due to serious adverse effects from one or more medications.


of people over 65 take more than 5 medications a day
(and 20% of people over 45).

$3.8 billion

of costs, caused by more than 280 000 hospitalizations of older people in the U.S. in 2018 because of an adverse drug event
Source : Medication overload : Americas’ other drug problem | Lown Institute (2019)

Rising from this context, Synapse Medicine has garnered support from the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and Bordeaux University Teaching Hospital. The product of 2 years of R&D is an artificial intelligence application dedicated to ensuring proper drug utilization.
Intuitive and and easy to use, this virtual assistant for drug information aims to guide healthcare professionals in their daily professional activities without disrupting practices.
Based in Bordeaux and California, Synapse Medicine is supported by a team of experts in the fields of medicine and artificial intelligence, including doctors and data scientists, who work closely with leading partners.

Our evolution


Creation of Synapse Medicine
Partnership with the prestigious Stanford University (USA).
Presentation of Synapse Medicine at CES, Las Vegas.


Test phase in collaboration with prescribing healthcare professionals.
Participated in Microsoft Experiences 18, the digital intelligence event.
First start-up specialized in AI to collaborate with Bordeaux University Teaching Hospital.


Clinical trial conducted at the emergency department of the University of Bordeaux teaching hospital on the relevance of Synapse’s drug interactions tool.
Large-scale Synapse testing with a group of health insurance companies on tens of thousands of patients.


And some great successes to come:
Beginning of clinical studies in geriatric departments of the University of Bordeaux teaching hospital
Deploying Synapse application dedicated to individuals

Synapse’s commitment

Synapse Medicine is built around 3 core values that guide our ambition to make a difference:


We collaborate with various health authorities. All our medical information comes from official sources and is made available through our virtual assistant in compliance with regulations (data protection law GDPR, medical device regulations, etc.)


Our goal is to provide contextualized information on any medication with an easy-to-use tool. Synapse meets your needs as quickly and intuitively as possible.


Armed with machine learning, our artificial intelligence software is constantly improving. This ensures that Synapse is optimized in its ability to respond to the ever-changing needs of healthcare professionals in their daily practice.

Join our team !

Synapse Medicine is a fast growing startup.
We are looking for new team members to fill all kinds of different roles. You will join a young and energetic team based in the center of Bordeaux.