Our value proposition

We thrive to address one of the most significant healthcare system challenges

Save time in your daily Rx prescription practice with Synapse

Our story

The Founders:
   - Pr Clement Goehrs, MD & PhD, Stanford graduate
   bio-computer engineer,
   - Dr Louis Letinier, MD, pharmacologist
   - Bruno Thiao-Layel, research engineer.

They identified a major issue in the healthcare system linked to drug information & misuse: 10,000 to 30,000 deaths per year are related to drug misuse and 130,000 hospitalisations recorded per year in France. Each prescription carries on average 5.5 medication.

Synapse Medicine is a spinoff from leading Research Partner INSERM and Bordeaux University Hospital.


The company was formed after 2 years of intensive R&D. It has developed an AI platform enabling real time access to official medication information.
Deployed in SaaS mode, the medication assistant helps MD to prescribe more accurately, Pharmacists to better deliver medication and advice, and patients to safely use and follow their treatments.
Synapse is a West Coast company (both in France and the US: Bordeaux & San Francisco). The teams are comprised of Medication and Artificial Intelligence experts: Medical Doctors and Pharmacists, Data Scientists and Engineers, seasoned Business Professionals who work in close partnership with key partners.

Synapse Medicine gears up to deploy internationally in key markets with one relentless focus: help Healthcare Professionals access in real time reliable medication information, in order to better prescribe and deliver


Creation of Synapse Medicine
Partnership with Stanford University, CA
Presentation at CES conference, Las Vegas, NV


Test phase in collaboration with prescribing Healthcare Professionals.
Award winner @ Microsoft Experiences 18.
First start-up specialized in AI in collaboration with Bordeaux University Hospital.


Large clinical trial @ Bordeaux University Hospital ER Department:evaluation of the Synapse drug interaction module.
Full-scale experimentation of the Synapse algorithms on a group of Healthcare Insurance Providers (sample: tens of thousands of patients).


Novel clinical study on the Bordeaux University Geriatrics Department.
Winner of a multimillion Government funded 3-year Research programme on Iatrogeny.
Launch of a Patient Safety Application.

Our commitment:

Provide an easy access in real time to reliable and official information on Rx medications.

Artificial intelligence tool for doctors and health students


We work with Official and Leading Healthcare Bodies (ANSM, HAS, Medical Boards, etc.). All medication information comes from official sources and is fully compliant with regulations (GDPR, Medical Devices under 21CFR820 & ISO 13485...)

Clinical studies for medical and scientific relevant publications


We instantly bring concise information on all medications, in a context of prescription, delivery or use. You stay focused on the patient signs, not on the screen.

Only official sources from government and medical references


Through Machine Learning methods we constantly improve the quality, accuracy and relevance of the output. And we make it a unique experience for you and your patient as a Personalized Medicine Platform.

Join The Team

Synapse Medicine is a fast growing Deep Tech company.
We’re recruiting a wide array of profiles to join our young and dynamic teams based either in the US or in Bordeaux, France.

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