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Clinical Decision Support for Oral Chemotherapy

Better coordination. Better visibility. Better quality of life.

Patient-centered technology that facilitates regimen surveillance and medication adherence in a virtual care setting.


The Cancer Care Journey

Synapse Platform processes clinical data and remote symptom data to provide synchronized decision support from prescribing through at-home self-administration for improved care coordination and patient engagement.

One Platform for
Real-Time Coordination


Synapse Platform provides real-time actionable insights across the patient’s oral chemotherapy treatment so healthcare providers are better informed, and able to act.

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Easy-to-read care event history
  • Traceable exchanges for efficient patient follow-up
  • Digital patient engagement
  • Interoperable with EHR systems

Personalized Care


Goodmed®, our patient-dedicated mobile app, integrates with Synapse Platform’s healthcare professional solutions for valuable remote symptom reporting. 

Using the app, patients can easily manage their treatment progress and stay in touch with their care team to report adverse drug events, treatment adherence, vulnerability.

Integrated Solutions 
for Better Outcomes

Increases patient safety

It makes patients’ drug treatments safer and improves coordinated care.

Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Automated insights based on direct patient feedback via the Goodmed mobile application.

Improved Treatment Adherence

Increases patient engagement and encourages active participation in their own care.

Tracked Self-Administration

The Goodmed mobile application allows patients or their caregivers to easily and effectively manage their treatments.

Reinforced Collaboration

Facilitated communication and visibility between healthcare professionals, who can then adjust the drug treatment plan as needed.

HIPAA compliant

Synapse Platform is fully private, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

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