Protecting ourselves from COVID-19, together

Our teams have been involved since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, working alongside institutional health players.

The platform

This website is aimed at the general public and is an easy way to check if a drug might worsen COVID-19 symptoms. It was developed in collaboration with the French Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (SFPT), the National Network of Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers (CRPVs), and the Pharmacology Department of the Bordeaux University Hospital.

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The COVERAGE clinical trial

Our team developed a technological platform for the COVERAGE clinical trial (1,000+ COVID-19 patients treated at home) conducted by the Bordeaux University Hospital. 

Thanks to this platform, doctors can check the compatibility of the drugs given for Covid-19 with patients’ concomitant therapies in real-time.

Pharmacovigilance for COVID-19 vaccines

Our Medication Shield technology makes it easier for pharmacovigilance teams to manage adverse event reports. It is the result of a smart collaboration with the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM) and the Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers (CRPVs).

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