Healthcare softwares

Synapse Platform’s modular solution provides healthcare softwares access to reliable and useful information on medicines.


Reliable and useful information on medicines

The Medication Intelligence technology behind Synapse Platform provides access to reliable and useful information on medicines. It helps healthcare professionals make decisions by drawing on information taken from official sources and adapts to patients’ clinical characteristics to make personalized medical recommendations.
It is certified as a class I medical device and is CE marked.

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MesDocteurs ensures the safety of its prescriptions with Synapse Platform

Marie-Laure Saillard

Marie-Laure Saillard

CEO MesDocteurs

"Our company, Mesdocteurs, offers a telemedicine solution that uses Synapse Platform as its prescription assistance module. Physicians particularly appreciate this service as it allows them to ensure the safety of their prescriptions."

A modular solution designed for healthcare softwares

A single API and a suite of components that integrate easily into your software.

Autocomplete API

The autocomplete API simplifies searching for drug entities such as brand names, generic names, and therapeutic classes while generating real-time suggestions.

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Autocomplete API

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