Medication Intelligence

Medication Intelligence (MI) is the technology behind Synapse Platform, which facilitates decision making for healthcare professionals and the general public.

What is Medication Intelligence?

Medication Intelligence (MI) provides a complete overview of drug information to facilitate decision-making by healthcare professionals and the general public through the use of reliable data in real-time. The technology adapts to each patient’s characteristics to prevent drug-related risks. All Synapse Platform’s modules are based on MI.

Reliable and useful information on medicines

Synapse Medicine allows healthcare professionals to promote proper drug use and prevent iatrogenic risks.

Without Medication Intelligence

Fragmented medical information

Without Medication Intelligence, medical information is fragmented, decision-making is not facilitated and iatrogenic risks may increase.

Our use cases

Accurate overview of drug information

All Synapse Platform modules are powered by Medication Intelligence to provide users with a personalized experience. So healthcare professionals, telemedicine companies, hospitals, healthcare facilities, software publishers, and the general public get reliable and useful drug information in real-time.

Medication Intelligence applied to pharmacovigilance

Synapse Medicine has actually developed a revolutionary technology that helps pharmacovigilance teams manage adverse drug reaction reports. This technology, called “Medication Shield”, currently supports the management of adverse drug reaction (ADR) reports by pharmacovigilance teams for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in France.

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