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Synapse Platform processes real-time drug knowledge with clinical data to detect potential risks and discrepancies, improving medication decision support so healthcare professionals can provide the best personalized care possible.

Transforming Drug Data into Actionable Insights

Using the latest advancements in machine learning and NLP, Synapse Platform drives the digital solutions that facilitate clinical decision-making for healthcare professionals and help patients to better adhere to their treatments.

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Applications of Synapse Platform in healthcare are limitless. All solutions were built by pharmacists, pharmacologist, and MDs to enable personalized care.

Prescription Assistance

A suite of plug ‘n play prescription assistance APIs and components to supercharge health tech products and increase patient safety.

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Strengthening Pharmacovigilance with Natural Language Processing

Dr. Louis Letinier Medical, Director and Co-Founder, together with Julien Jouganous, Lead Data Scientist at Synapse Medicine, authored a scientific publication entitled «Artificial Intelligence for Unstructured Healthcare Data: Application to Coding of Patient Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions» published by the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. In the publication, they explore ways to facilitate the monitoring of adverse drug event reports using artificial intelligence. The article was featured in the August 2021 issue of CPT.

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