Streamlining care in private practice, community pharmacies, and hospitals

Synapse Platform’s solutions for healthcare professionals and the general public make it easier for private practice, community pharmacies, and hospitals to coordinate care.

Coordinated care with Synapse platform

Ensuring patient safety is a major challenge

Strengthening the link between private practice, community pharmacies, and hospitals ensures high-quality care at all times.

A platform that fits your needs

For patients and their caregivers

For patients and their caregivers

Improving their understanding of treatments to promote proper medication use

For community pharmacists

For community pharmacists

A unique tool to access information on medicines

For private physicians

For private physicians

A prescription assistance platform that meets regulatory requirements

For healthcare institutions

For healthcare institutions

Simplifying information sharing among all the healthcare professionals involved

Optimizing medication reconciliation in healthcare institutions

Synapse Platform’s medication reconciliation solution simplifies this process for hospital pharmacists and physicians. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive. It provides users with an overview of all their patients’ treatments, facilitates reconciliation, and easily detects discrepancies.

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Simplifying prescribing and dispensing

Healthcare professionals working outside of hospitals use Synapse Platform to ensure their patients’ prescriptions are safe.
The platform performs pharmaceutical analyses, detects contraindications based on clinical characteristics as well as drug interactions, and much more.

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Goodmed, an app to better understand treatments

Goodmed is a mobile app for the general public. It enables everyone access to reliable and useful drug information.
Goodmed is easy to use. You can scan your medicines’ QR codes, access essential information about your treatment, and thus communicate with your healthcare professionals more effectively.

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