Maximum Dosage

Synapse Platform’s maximum dosage component alerts physicians if they have exceeded the maximum dosage.

Prevent dosage-related medication errors

Safe medication administration is a key issue when it comes to using medicines properly. Synapse Platform’s maximum dosage component ensures the safety of prescriptions by alerting users if the maximal dose is exceeded. Using data exclusively drawn from fully independent and official sources, the component detects any deviations from dosage limits (doses and administration frequencies) and treatment durations.

This module, which is based on the Medication Intelligence technology developed by Synapse Medicine, is a medical device and is CE-marked.

Seamless and intuitive to use.

Synapse believes the user experience is key, so all Synapse Platform components are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.


Add a medication

The autocomplete API makes it easier to search for drug entities such as brand names, generic names, and therapeutic categories.

Enter the name of the drug you are looking for and select it easily. You can also access the United States Prescribing Information (USPI).

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Secure every step of the healthcare journey

The maximum dosage component of Synapse Platform allows practitioners to be alerted when the maximum dosage is exceeded.

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Make prescribing easy on your telemedicine platform

Synapse Platform helps healthcare professionals secure their prescriptions and increase telemedicine platform’s patient safety. It has been designed to serve all telemedicine platforms globally through one API and a library of components.

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Easy integration for software companies

The maximum dosage component is part of a component library allowing to secure drug prescriptions. Our Medication Intelligence components can be integrated in half a day via a Javascript client library.

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