Synapse Platform use cases

Discover all of the Synapse Platform's medication-related technology solutions, for all use cases.

Synapse Platform use cases

Healthcare professionals

Hospital pharmacists

 Simplifying medication reconciliation and coordinated care to increase patient safety and reduce readmissions.


Ensuring prescription safety and facilitating clinical decision-making.


Providing your pharmacy with a suite of solutions to facilitate access to reliable drug information.


Hospitals & Care Facilities

Preventing drug-related risks from admission to discharge with medication reconciliation and coordinated care solutions.


Increasing telemedicine platform’s patient safety through a prescription assistance module.

Health Insurances

Achieving better health with the Goodmed app.

Healthcare Softwares

Accessing reliable drug information through a single API and Medication Intelligence component library.


General public

Enabling the general public access to reliable and useful drug information with the Goodmed app.

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