A comprehensive module to analyze prescriptions

Ensure the safety of your patients’ treatments with the Synapse Platform prescription analysis module.


Unique features to simplify medical decision-making

Patients’ clinical characteristics

Patients’ clinical characteristics

Personalize information about patients’ clinical characteristics

Enter treatments

Enter treatments

Easily add medications from one or more prescriptions

Prescription analysis

Prescription analysis

Comprehensive drug-related risks results

Decision-making support

Decision-making support

Access all the information you need to provide better care


Personalize the patient’s clinical characteristics

Enter the patient’s clinical information for personalized care.

Synapse Platform takes this information into account to deliver reliable prescription analysis results.


Smart treatment entry

Add medications easily with the smart search bar (via the autocomplete API) or by taking a picture of the prescription via ​​optical character recognition (OCR).

This feature allows you to enter your patients’ treatments semi-automatically into Synapse Platform.


Comprehensive drug interactions overview

Get a visual overview of potential drug interactions detected on a prescription.
Synapse Platform filters the following kinds of interactions by seriousness level: contraindications, inadvisable combinations, and precaution for use to be taken into account.

Additional information on pharmacokinetic interactions (DDI-Predictor) is also available.


A clear overview of contraindications

Synapse Platform allows you to identify contraindications based on clinical characteristics.

After filling in the details of the patients’ clinical characteristics, you can access this information and sort it by medication or condition to prevent any drug-related risks.


STOPP criteria for your elderly patients

Access the list of STOPP criteria related to your prescription to provide better geriatric care.

These criteria indicate whether a prescription is potentially inappropriate in persons over 65 years of age and whether treatment should be discontinued based on the situation.


Easy access to side effects information

Access information about the side effects caused by the medications on the prescription.

Synapse Platform classifies side effects by frequency of occurrence, severity, or by drug. This is done to make them easier to read.


Official healthcare sources

Access the most relevant and comprehensive drug information possible, all in one place. Synapse Platform aggregates information drawn exclusively from fully independent, official healthcare information sources. 

Secured and accessible to all

CCPA & GDPR compliance

CCPA & GDPR compliance

We meet CCPA & GDPR requirements to provide optimal protection for your data.

Health Data Hosting (HDS)

Health Data Hosting (HDS)

The HDS certification is required for cloud service providers that host personal health data. We store data on an HDS-certified host approved to host health data.

Quality management

Quality management

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is based on the ISO 13485 standard, among others.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

We comply with regulatory requirements for medical devices.

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