Synapse easily cooperates with your current software platform.

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Solutions for Digital Health Companies: Synapse is currently used by Top Tier Telemedicine Companies to help MDs prescribe more accurately and contributes to reducing the iatrogenic risk.

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Synapse for Businesses

Developed by healthcare actors physicians and bioinformaticians

A solution developed by Healthcare Professionals

Interoperability: Synapse integrated into any software solution

No integration

Artificial intelligence software platform available on SaaS mode

Compatible with all existing Software Solutions

Synapse improves your service offer for the healthcare sector

Increases the Quality of your Healthcare

Official and up to date medical informations on drugs

Real time updates from Official Sources

Use Synapse to grow your business, diversify your Digital Health Offering and attract new customers

Reliable and up-to-date information on medicines Synapse

Allow your existing users to access reliable and up to date medication information

Whether your users are Healthcare Professionals or not they can benefit from ergonomic solutions to access reliable and up to date medical information for all prescription medicine.

Synapse added value for telemedicine services on Rx prescriptions

Increase the quality and personalization of your services

Synapse as a Risk management Tool.
Your users can benefit from a Virtual Pharmacology Expert. Telemedicine Companies use Synapse to send better and safer prescriptions.

Synapse is compatible with all existing platforms and contributes to an Integrated Health approach.

Easily and quickly integrated into your digital health solutions

Synapse is able to connect and be deployed within your end user interface through the use of widgets and APIs

The tool was designed to be integrated into any software solution that would present synergies and add value or reduce risk for the following:

- Doctors
- Pharmacists
- Patients

Integration of Synapse technology by widget, API, iframe

Choose your services, the level and format of their integration: API, widget or iframe

The different services offered by Synapse (secured prescriptions, medication information, etc.) are integrable in any software environment with a web interface in a variety of forms: API, widget or iframe.
Our technical team is available to discuss those options with you.

Synapse always retrieves the latest medication information,
in full compliance with all existing regulations

Quality and regulatory standards for software medical devices

Compliant with all existing regulations

The rise of Digital Health, particularly on aspects related to Medical Devices, creates a rapid shift in Regulatory frameworks. Our team works closely with renowned regulation experts so that Synapse can fully comply with current regulatory requirements.

Artificial intelligence based only on official medical sources

Choose an AI powered Platform that provides real time access to reliable medication data

Synapse is only based on official sources (ANSM, HAS, etc.) and provides users with reliable and useful medication data.
Synapse Medicine has established Scientific Partnerships with leading Institutions such as the Bordeaux University Hospital, Stanford University, ANSM, Lyon and Rennes University Hospital, Thériaque, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou part of the Paris public network of hospitals APHP.

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