With Synapse, your prescriptions are: Facilitated, Secured, Personalized

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

When prescribing drugs, doctors can rely on the most up-to-date Official Drug Database.

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Synapse for Healthcare Professionals

Artificial intelligence tool dedicated to doctors

Solution developed by doctors

Medical performance scientifically attested by clinical studies

Patented deep tech solution with global coverage

Drugs informations from official sources and authorities

All data sourced from official databases

Synapse is independant from pharmaceutical industry

100% independent from the pharmaceutical industry

Artificial intelligence software patented technology

Numerous clinical studies ongoing and completed

Synapse developed with institutional partners

Supported by a dozen institutional partners

Get real-time, reliable and up-to-date answers on medication and prescriptions

Medicine interactions app to save your time

Request information on a drug

Any question on a drug, side effects, contraindications?

Use the Synapse VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and save time in your prescription process.

Any doubts on the scientific knowledge shared to date on a specific drug?

Browse our PubMed® publication engine.*

On the move between locations, or at the point of care?

Access Synapse from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

* PubMed® is a free resource that is developed and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), in the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), located at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Complexed Rx prescription secure and verified with Synapse

Analyze your prescriptions in real-time

Need a full view of all prescriptions from different practitioners?

Analyze your patients’ prescriptions instantly by simply taking a photo of each one. Synapse will run the analysis on all of the drugs prescribed and instantly flag the risk for potentially harmful associations.

Adverse drug reactions and medical contraindications

No data entry, no scanning of product barcodes, no errors.

Inappropriate medication, side effects and drug interactions will be highlighted in one scan and click.

Your patient has a history of liver damage, heart or kidney failure?

In order to refine the analysis, Synapse takes into account the patient's clinical background. Many ongoing clinical studies are designed to demonstrate the associated benefits.

Drugs monographs IFUs, dosage and interactions

Browse prescribing information (PLR: Prescription Labeling Rule)

For any questions you have, you can access all of the information needed using our "Monograph" database.

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