Providers, Health Centers

Reduce iatrogenic risks in your establishment

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Health professionals working in healthcare facilities can easily search for drug information and secure all of their prescriptions with Synapse

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Synapse for hospitals and health centers

Artificial Intelligence software developed with Bordeaux Hospital

Solution developed by doctors from Bordeaux University Hospital in France

Clinical studies attesting to reliability, efficiency and relevance

Patented technology validated by clinical studies

Artificial intelligence tool compliant and in process of certification

Tool which conforms to regulatory requirements

Synapse drugs informations from official sources and authorities

Only based on official information sources

Synapse independance from pharmaceutical industry

100% independent from the pharmaceutical industry

Give your healthcare staff a reliable and easy to use solution to simplify and secure medication care

AI solution to secure prescriptions at health centers

Save time in your prescription activities and treatment delivery

Your caregivers’ work evolves with and is transformed by the digital age. Synapse provides you with a turnkey solution, 100% independent from the pharmaceutical industry and only based on official information sources. It is used to help manage risks around drug prescription and dispensing.

Solution to help avoid drug interactions

Reduce the risk of accidents linked to drug misuse

2 million hospital admissions for serious adverse drug events, over the last decade (Medication Overload: America’s Other Drug Problem / Lown Institute, 2019). By using the Synapse platform, you reduce the overall risk around medication and therefore the number of hospitalizations due to it. A preliminary study with MACSF found that 88% of drug errors could be avoided by using Synapse.

Benefit from a drug risk management tool which conforms to regulatory requirements.

Artificial intelligence software validated by clinical studies

Patented and validated by clinical studies

Synapse is a constantly evolving product. The technology behind the solution is patented in the US and abroad. Clinical studies are also under way to validate the relevance of using Synapse to secure drug prescriptions and the first results are very promising.

Synapse is a AI solution, medical device in process of certification

Conforming to regulatory requirements

The health sector is undergoing huge regulatory change. This calls for the use of tools that meet quality requirements for healthcare establishments. Synapse is compliant with GDPR in terms of health data management. It is also in the process of being certified according to the new European regulation 2017/745 for medical devices.

Integrate a tool which is interoperable and adaptable to your establishment’s existing digital setup.

Synapse is compatible with health software by interoperability

Quickly integrate an interoperable and adaptable solution with your existing software

We've developed Synapse so that our platform is easy to integrate with any software solution used in your healthcare establishment. Compatibility with existing systems is a key criteria for many establishments. And this functionality is built into every version of Synapse.

Synapse has solutions dedicated to the proper use of medication

Choose your services and integration type: API, widget or iframe

The services offered by Synapse dedicated to correct drug usage are easy to integrate in any web-based software environment in a variety of ways: API, widget or iframe. Our technical team is here to support you.

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