Patient safety: secure your Pharmacy dispensing & provide personalized services

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Synapse simplifies the Community & Specialty Pharmacy dispensing and promotes safety and accuracy in dispensing practices.

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Synapse for Community & Specialty Pharmacies

AI solution developed by doctors for healthcare professionals

A solution developed by Healthcare Professionals

Facilitate your pharmaceutical interviews with your elderly patients

Therapy-specific patient management services

Synapse assists in drug risk management with drug interaction detection

Prescription medication risk management services

Drugs informations only from official sources and health authorities

Government and authorized medication information sources only

AI solution developed independant of pharmaceutical industry

100% independent from the pharmaceutical industry

Improve patient safety with Synapse as a risk management tool
for medication dispensing & general information

Synapse, AI specialized on medicine, helps pharmacists to secure

Secure the dispensing of your patients’ complex prescriptions

Use the Synapse App to take picture of your prescription(s) and let the algorithms analyze the content.
Then instantly check for inaccuracies or potentially harmful medication combinations.
Synapse also helps patients and Healthcare Professionals better understand the potential side effects of their combined treatments.

Any pharmacist can quickly detect any drug interaction

Instantly spot prescription medication side effects

Synapse tells what side effects to expect from your prescription, and suggests alternatives.
Through faster identification of the side effects you can effectively promote appropriate medication use.

Strengthen personalized care for your patients

Synapse facilitates pharmaceutical interviews about medication use

Complete Therapy-specific patient management checks and detailed prescription analysis in a few minutes only

Complete MEDICATION CHECK-UPS in no time and let the Synapse AI pre-fill the fields required.
Check your MEDICATION REGIMENS with Synapse

Artificial intelligence in medicine for drugs advice

Deliver high quality care with new services to reinforce your margins and your scientific expertise

Synapse Medicine provides a wide array of services to support the Pharmacists in their daily care delivery:
- Medication checks-ups
- Personalized prescriptions
- Side effects optimization
- Iatrogenic risk management
- Dose management tools
between 10,000 and 30,000 deaths are attributed to medication-related accidents each year (Bégaud-Costaglia report, 2013)

Simplify your access to reliable and secure medication information

Synapse saves time for pharmacists about drugs advice

Save precious time at the counter

Any questions on medication dosage, contraindications or side effects?

Simply ask the Synapse Virtual Assistant. The Synapse App is available on your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Drugs informations available for doctors and pharmacists

Instantly access reliable, up-to-date and relevant medication information

Content is filtered based on user need: simple answers appear first, and user can drill down to more specific content. Or access the full content of the medication leaflet. Synapse provides content extracted from Official Sources only (Government medication interaction repositories). Synapse also retrieves relevant scientific content from publications in scientific journals via the PubMed engine.

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