Synapse quickly secures dispensing and personalizes drug advice

Synapse assistant virtuel du médicament sécurise votre activité de prescription médicamenteuse

Pharmacists enhance their drug expertise thanks to personalized support from Synapse on complex dispensing and pharmaceutical interviews for the benefit of the patient

Synapse assistant virtuel du médicament sécurise votre activité de prescription médicamenteuse

Synapse for pharmacies

Solution d’IA développée par des médecins pour les professionnels de santé

A solution developed by healthcare professionals

Synapse facilite vos bilans partagés de médications avec les patients polymédiqués seniors

Easier shared medication check-up

Synapse aide à la gestion des risques liés aux médicaments

A tool to help manage drug risks

Informations officielles provenant de l’ANSM, HAS, etc

Only uses information from official sources

Solution IA développée indépendamment de l’industrie pharmaceutique

100% independent from the pharmaceutical industry

Optimizes the management of drug risks linked to complex dispensing

Avec Synapse, IA spécialiste du médicament, le pharmacien sécurise les délivrances

Secure your patients’ complex prescriptions

Save time with Synapse by securing complex prescriptions just by taking a photo. Synapse highlights inappropriate medications, side effects and drug interactions depending on the clinical context. Our tool is only based on official sources.

Le pharmacien détecte rapidement tout effet indésirable du à un médicament

Detect side effects instantly.

Synapse will tell you about all side effects and their frequency in your patients according to their drug treatments. You can detect the drugs that are implicated faster and easier. Synapse consolidates your role in preventing risks linked to the proper drug use for patients.

Strengthen personalized care for your patients

Bilan partagé de médication rapidement et facilement avec l’IA Synapse

Make shared medication check-ups in a few minutes

Easily edit a shared medication check-ups (SMC) in less than 15 minutes in a PDF compatible with your daily activities. Synapse analyzes and automatically fills out key pharmaceutical information for a simplified diffusion to healthcare bodies and/or doctors.

L’intelligence artificielle accompagne le pharmacien sur le conseil du médicament

Enhance your advisory and support role

Synapse develops management tools to optimize pharmaceutical support. Save time in personalized support for your patients. Synapse helps you reduce the risk of side effects linked to medication while improving your patients’ therapeutic observation. 10,000 to 30,000 deaths are attributed to drug accidents each year (Bégaud-Costaglia, 2013).

Simplify your access to reliable and secure drug information

Synapse fait gagner du temps au comptoir aux pharmaciens

Save time at the counter

Ask your drug questions to the Synapse virtual assistant such as dosage, administration or contraindications, to get a reliable and constantly updated answer.

Whether on your computer, tablet or Smartphone, Synapse precisely responds to all your questions to improve counter support.

Avec l’intelligence artificielle de Synapse, le pharmacien a des infos facilement sur les médicaments

Easily and quickly obtain reliable drug information

All rug information is summarized and contextualized by Synapse in clinical contexts. They only use official sources which are always cited (ANSM, HAS, Thériaque, etc, drug interaction repositories). Synapse's artificial intelligence algorithms looks for and extracts relevant information and publications in scientific and medical literature on specific subjects.

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