For a prescription sharing culture between health professionals and patients

Synapse assistant virtuel du médicament sécurise votre activité de prescription médicamenteuse

With Synapse, you can easily find official information, secure your medication intake and strengthen the link with your doctor and / or pharmacist

Synapse assistant virtuel du médicament sécurise votre activité de prescription médicamenteuse

Synapse Patient was created because

1 médicament par jour pour une majorité de Français : comment contrôler ?

44% of all French people take at least 1 medication a day

Dans votre famille il y a des maladies chroniques qui nécessitent plus de médicaments

This figure increases to 80% among patients with chronic illnesses

Synapse: toutes les informations fiables en ligne sur les médicaments

2 in 3 French people find information on medications online "vague" or "contradictory"

Les patients ont besoin d’informations sur les médicaments de leurs ordonnances

Nearly 9 in 10 patients want information on their prescribed medications

Our team is convinced that it’s necessary to provide reliable and useful drug information for a user who doesn’t have medical training.

Prenez en photo votre ordonnance pour voir si elle comporte un risque pour en parler à votre médecin

Check your medication intake

Add the drugs in the search bar or take a picture of a prescription. Fill out your profile and see at a glance if your prescription is at risk. Thanks to a “prescription code”, you can easily send analysis to your healthcare professional.

Toutes les informations sur vos médicaments grâce à un scan de QR code avec Synapse

Medication sheets

Scan the QR code of your medication box (or manually enter its name) to obtain all useful and necessary information. Synapse draws from more than 15,000 drug leaflets, all 100% independent of the pharmaceutical industry.

We're aware of the importance for patients to be involved in taking their medication. It’s why we’ve created a version specifically dedicated to the general public

Evitez tout risque lié à l’automédication (notamment aspirine) avec Synapse

Self medication

Be directly informed of the compatibility between your current treatment and a drug not on your prescription. Do not hesitate to speak about your treatments with your doctor or pharmacist regularly.

Pour tout effet indésirable dû à un médicament, parlez-en à votre médecin ou pharmacien

Side effects

Quickly detect if one of the medications on your prescription is known to cause a side effect you’re experiencing. And talk about it with your doctor or pharmacy.

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