Patient safety.
Always our number one priority.

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Synapse helps you understand your treatment and prescription regimens. With Synapse, you get even closer to your doctor or pharmacist by simplifying access to clear and up-to-date official information on your medication.

Synapse virtual assistant for medical information secures Rx prescription

Synapse for Patients. Because safe and effective medication regimens matter.

Medication overload for United States citizen, elderly people polymedicated

44% of all French people take at least one medication a day

Chronic illnesses with more medication in your family?

And 80% of French patients with chronic disease take at least one medication a day

Synapse: all the reliable and up-to-date online informations on drugs

Two thirds of French people find online information on medication to be "vague" or "contradictory"

Patients need more informations on their Rx prescription drugs

Nearly 9 in 10 French patients want information on their prescribed medication

We at Synapse are convinced that reliable information on medication is essential, including for those who may not have a medical background.

Picture of your Rx prescription drug to talk to your doctor or pharmacist

Check your medication intake versus prescribed regimens

- Add a medication from the search bar.
- Take a picture of your prescription.
- Complete your profile and instantly assess the risk level of your prescription.
If you are at risk with your prescription then you are referred to your healthcare professional (doctor or pharmacist).
Using the prescription code provided, they can access and display it in full

All drug informations with QR code scan

IFU (Drug instructions for use)

Scan the QR code of your medication packaging (or manually enter its name) to obtain all the necessary information.
Synapse extracts and retrieves all relevant data from more than 15,000 medication leaflets.
100% independent from the pharmaceutical industry.

We created Synapse for Patients for you. Because you know just how important it is to manage your own health and medication regimens, in conjunction with your healthcare professional.

Avoid any risk linked to self-medication


Instantly check the safety and compatibility of any new medication with your current treatment and understand how it may interact with it.
Always refer to your doctor or pharmacist for additional questions you may have on your prescription.

Any side effects caused by medication

Side effects

Quickly detect if one of the medications on your prescription is known to cause a side-effect you are experiencing.
You will instantly be referred to your doctor or pharmacist.

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