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Adverse Drug Events

Easily visualize the full range of potential adverse effects for each of your prescriptions with the Adverse Drug Events component.

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Comprehensive View of All Adverse Drug Events


List of All Potential Adverse Drug Events

The Adverse Effects component detects all adverse effects within a prescription and makes them easily accessible, classified according to MedDRA standards.


Structured Adverse Drug Events

Adverse drug events are displayed in various ways:

  • By frequency: from most common to very rare
  • By drug

Smart Search Through Autocomplete

A smart search bar is directly available within this component to determine if a specific adverse effect is present in the prescription.


MedDRA Classification

The component is based on MedDRA terminology, an international standard in pharmacovigilance specifically dedicated to the structuring of adverse drug events.

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This component can be customized according to your design system and user interface to meet your needs as simply as possible.

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Our prescription support components are designed to natively integrate and synergistically work with each other.

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Why Synapse Components?

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Based on Certified Medical Sources

Our components are exclusively based on official and certified medical sources, such as DailyMed.

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Designed by Synapse’s Medical and R&D Teams

Our medical and technical team consists of over 70 individuals who regularly publish on their R&D work.

Coming Soon

Additional Features Based on AI

We implement natural language processing algorithms to optimize time spent on prescription creation and improve comfort in medical decision-making. Look for these additional features in our components soon.

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