Artificial intelligence
dedicated to ensuring proper medication use

Ask. Check. Prescribe.

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Synapse, the virtual assistant

It helps healthcare professionals in all practices related to proper medication use. Its algorithms go through thousands of documents every night to ensure reliable and up-to-date information.

  • Ask

    Ask an assistant your questions

    Dosing, contraindications, adverse effects, drug interactions, and more. You can ask any question in natural language, whether that is spoken or in text. The virtual assistant will provide an instant response in conversational format, providing reliable and accurate information. It doesn’t stop there: Synapse always cites its sources, all of which are official.

  • Analyze

    Thorough analyses of prescriptions

    An increasing percentage of patients have multiple prescriptions, sometimes exceeding 10 medications. Synapse makes it possible to detect potentially inappropriate medication, view drug interactions, and examine adverse effects, depending on the clinical context. The analyzed prescription can be modified and updated in real time.

  • Search

    Your searches and analyzes just one click away

    With a self-updating search function, Synapse scours the scientific literature for articles related to your search history. This provides you with the most relevant publications to your needs. Just like prescription analysis results, these publications can be saved for easy access later.

What we offer

We offer different solutions according to your daily needs.

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    « This artificial intelligence tool by Synapse Medicine analyzes prescriptions and displays drug interactions along with their levels of precaution. [...] Just like for Google or Amazon’s virtual assistants, you can ask this pocket pharmacologist by written text or by speaking directly »
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    « The startup based in Bordeaux is now marketing its artificial intelligence software to ensure proper medication utilization. Its CEO [...] unveiled his strategy international expansion strategy, motivated in part by his concern that healthcare may one day be taken over by the current tech giants. »
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    « Medication errors cause between 10,000 and 20,000 deaths each year in France, and more than 150,000 hospitalizations. This application offers a concrete solution to a problem that impacts healthcare professionals as much as it impacts patients. »
Welcome to the future of medicine.