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Discover Synapse Medicine's Component Library

Make every prescription a success.

Synapse Medicine's clinical decision support components are out-of-the-box front-end elements designed for easy integration into any healthcare software user interface, enhancing informed prescribing
with up-to-date drug data.

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MonographsGives users quick access to all available information on a drug.Learn more
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Drug SearchProvides medication suggestions as the user types.Learn more
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Clinical ProfileEnables personalized prescriptions that take into account the patient’s clinical conditions.Learn more
Diagnoses SearchDiagnoses input impacting medication management.Learn more
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Allergy SearchAllows users to easily find and input drug allergies, such as molecules or therapeutic classes, through an autocomplete search.Learn more
Data ImportAutomation of treatment entry during prescribing.Learn more
Order EntryEntering the dosing specifics when prescribing a medication.Learn more
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Geriatric GuidelinesIdentifies potentially inappropriate medications for older people.Learn more
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Drug InteractionsAnalyzes drug-drug interactions and then cross-checks with the patient’s clinical condition.Learn more
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Adverse EventsLists all adverse drug events detected in the prescription and filters them per frequency of occurrence and per medication.Learn more
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Drug Clinical AlertsDetects all contraindications based on the patient’s clinical profile.Learn more
illustration de synthèse des alertes
Summary of AlertsConsolidates all analysis component alerts into a compact interface. Users can quickly view all prescription alerts and access details with a single click.Learn more

Partnering for Clinical Decision Support

Franck Frayer

SVP Europe, CompuGroup Medical

“Partnering with Synapse Medicine brings our users and their patients even more innovation in clinical decision support. This collaboration with Synapse Medicine fits perfectly into our roadmap for innovation and transforming practices towards a safer and more efficient healthcare system."

Morgan Angelini

CTO, Hellocare

"Our choice to integrate Synapse Medicine's API and components into the Hellocare platform was quite logical as the solution makes it easier to prescribe safely."

Franck le Ouay

CEO, Lifen

“Our partnership with Synapse Medicine allows Lifen Platform to extend interoperability to the medication reconciliation and medication management of patients, continuing our desire to improve patient care.”

Why Choose Synapse Components?

Based on Certified Medical Sources

Our components are exclusively based on official and certified medical sources, such as DailyMed.

Designed by Synapse’s Medical and R&D Teams

Our medical and technical team consists of over 70 individuals who regularly publish on their R&D work.