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Geriatric Guidelines

Quickly identify inappropriate prescriptions in geriatric patients aged 65 or older with our Geriatric Guidelines component.

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Improve Prescription Safety for Patients Aged 65 and Older


Age Detection

The Geriatric Guidelines component from Synapse Medicine detects the age of your patient—if they are 65 or older—and provides tailored results concerning the prescription.


Detection of Geriatric-Related Alerts

The geriatric alerts from this component highlight the medications entered into the prescription that pose a risk to older adults (aged 65 or older) and indicate whether the patient's condition should lead to a cessation of treatment.


STOPP Criteria Integration

The Geriatric Guidelines component from Synapse Medicine aggregates and synthesizes information provided by the STOPP Criteria framework, specialized in medication alerts for older adults.


Structured Geriatric Alerts

The Geriatric Guidelines component from Synapse Medicine surfaces information related to:

  • The medication entity and its International Nonproprietary Name (INN)
  • The therapeutic class of the medication entity
  • The identified STOPP criteria

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Our prescription support components are designed to natively integrate and synergistically work with each other.

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Why Synapse Components?

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Based on Certified Medical Sources

Our components are exclusively based on official and certified medical sources, such as DailyMed.

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Designed by Synapse’s Medical and R&D Teams

Our medical and technical team consists of over 70 individuals who regularly publish on their R&D work.

Coming Soon

Additional Features Based on AI

We implement natural language processing algorithms to optimize time spent on prescription creation and improve comfort in medical decision-making. Look for these additional features in our components soon.

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