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Order Entry

Improve the entry of drug dosage information with Synapse Medicine's Order Entry component.

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Save time entering dosage information


Optimize the time for entering dosage information

With this component, it becomes easier for the prescriber to enter information related to a drug's dosage: the dose, frequency, and duration. This results in even more notable time savings for complex dosages, such as variable doses or alternating intakes.


Personalized Orders

The Order Entry component makes it easier to enter additional information, such as the route of administration, indication etc.


Real-Time Transcription of Dosage

This component automatically transcribes the entered dosage line by line in real-time.

Integrate This Component in a Few Days

Enhance the User Experience of Your Software

This component can be customized according to your design system and user interface to meet your needs as simply as possible.

Unlock the Full Potential of Our Components

Our prescription support components are designed to natively integrate and synergistically work with each other.

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