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Synapse assistant virtuel du médicament sécurise votre activité de prescription médicamenteuse

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Accédez facilement à une information fiable sur les médicaments et interactions

Do you need to easily access reliable drug information?

Synapse supports you in all medical practices related to proper drug use. Its artificial intelligence algorithms crawl millions of documents in real time to guarantee reliable and up-to-date drug information. There is a generic Synapse and a specific Synapse for your specialty.

Interactions médicamenteuses : problème de santé publique

Iatrogenesis is a real public health challenge

  • 75% of readmissions due to adverse drugs events are fully preventable
  • 40% of people over 65 take more than 5 medications a day
  • 4th leading cause of death in United States (drug related problems)
  • 750 older adults (aged 65 or older) hospitalized every day due to serious adverse effects from one or more medications*

* Report – Medication Overload: How the drive to prescribe is harming older Americans

Synapse vous informe sur les médicaments et interactions médicamenteuses

Deep tech, made simple. Drug knowledge shared. Official sources only.

In real time, the Synapse complex algorithms crawl:
  • 900 million+ medical information documents
  • 37,000 drug records and IFUs
  • 30,000 medical publications from Government databases
  • 8000 molecules

Synapse is the Personalized Prescription Platform which simplifies access to reliable drug information

informations de rcp, posologie, contre-indications, effets indésirables des médicaments avec Synapse

Save time in your daily practice

Do you want to check side effects for a drug, or be reminded of the contra-indications, while keeping your attention to the patient's face and body language? Ask Synapse.

It will connect you in real time with Government and Official sources.

analyse des ordonnances des patients avec prise en compte du contexte clinique et détection des interactions médicamenteuses

Prescription analysis tool

Rx prescription analysis tool: take a picture of your prescription with your cell phone or tablet and Synapse will automatically detect the level of risk related to potentially harmful drug associations.

Moreover, Synapse completes this risk assessment by taking into account the patient specifics (age range, heart, kidney and liver status…)

Avec Synaspe, recherche facile et complète des monographies, des rcp, des médicaments, posologie, et cetera

Browse drug IFUs entire content in one click

Instantly access relevant drug information by browsing directly medication content to the source (IFUs)

Synapse retrieves synthetic content based on your query. All date is sourced from official government sources (ANSM, HAS …)

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